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Bedros Keuilian is the fitness industry’s most trusted consultant. His various fitness businesses are designed to enable trainers to maximize their earning potential with revolutionary industry techniques.

Before constructing his fitness empire, Bedros owned five fitness gyms at once. After revamping his business model with direct response marketing and sales techniques, he began earning profit margins totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars from these locations alone.

He would then go on to found Fit Body Boot Camp. As the CEO and founder of Fit Body, currently the world’s fastest growing fitness chain, Bedros practices what he preaches, implementing the same formula for success that he brings to his fitness clients worldwide. Fit Body was recently listed as one of Inc. 5000’s fastest growing businesses of 2016.

Among Bedros’ innovations for the fitness industry are FitPro Newsletter and FitPro Magazine. These software systems help trainers capitalize on leads and increase profits.

Bedros also co-manages a publishing company that prints top-notch fat-loss programs from trainers across the globe. Trainers have sold thousands of book copies thanks to Bedros’ push in publishing.

But what does Bedros provide that transforms many of his clients into six and seven figure-earning entrepreneurs?

He focuses on what the certification organizations miss. His fitness marketing tactics, strategies, and systems focus on maximizing your effort on the things that matter.

With Bedros, theory is not the focus of his coaching. Instead, he draws his fitness knowledge from experience. He shares his pathway to success with others, which he attained through years of struggling and mistakes.

Bedros Keuilian

Before becoming the industry icon that he is today, Bedros faced a wave of obstacles in his life. As a child, he immigrated to America with his family. He didn’t understand English, and his family barely scrapped together enough to eat on a daily basis.

Bedros would eventually drop out of college and work odd jobs to make ends meet, serving as a fry cook at Disneyland as well as a bouncer. At one point, he was living out of his ’79 Toyota pick-up truck.

He initially failed to get his ACE certification as a personal trainer three times. He then struggled to maintain a consistent client base and went $120,000 in debt trying to sustain his business.

That is, until he discovered the keys to working ON his business instead of IN it.

Bedros shares his personal trials in hopes of steering his clients away from the mistakes he made. His radical “rags-to-riches” story inspires thousands of his clients to pursue their dreams with hard work and perseverance.

Bedros spends most of his time consulting fitness professionals around the world, including celebrity trainers, UFC fighters, high-earning gym owners, and luminaries from other industries. He’s known as the “hidden genius” of the fitness industry, and you’ve probably watched the trainers he mentors on ABC, NBC, CBS, and in The New York Times.


Here’s the thing: Bedros loves helping any trainer willing to listen to his advice. Through his various platforms, he presents the gateway to maximizing leads and increasing profit. Whether you’re just getting your business off the ground or are a seasoned trainer, you can always learn something new from Bedros!

If there’s one statement that summarizes Bedros Keuilian, it’s that he absolutely loves his work. That passion bleeds into everything he does, from his training seminars to the books he writes.

And guess what? He wants you to experience that same zest for life too. That’s why he’s worked so hard to create a system of programs and courses that fast track clients toward their professional goals.

That way, you can stop focusing on keeping your business afloat and start enjoying the freedom you deserve.

So go ahead. Check out the various programs that have led to the success of countless fitness professionals just like you. Trust us, investing in Bedros’ critically acclaimed programs is the smartest decision you can make for your business!

But before you go any further... be sure to check out the video below where Bedros shares the #1 thing most trainers wants to know: how to create a 6 figure fitness business.

The Art of Selling Fitness - Personal Trainer Business Course

The Art of Selling Fitness

Discover exactly how to double and triple your fitness profits within 30 short days, and learn how to run your fitness business like a multi million dollar company within 12 months! Learn the secrets of attracting, selling, and retaining clients from the man who consistently sold over 20,000 personal training sessions every year! Bedros Keuilian reveals his most guarded business building secrets that have helped the nations largest personal training companies generate over $40 Million Dollars a year in revenue!

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Fitness Studio Formula

Fitness Studio Formula

If you've ever wanted to open and operate your own high successful personal training studio then this is the "paint by numbers" formulayou'll want to follow. These multi DVD set and manuals cover the entire system for finding a location, negotiating rent, hiring staff, program pricing, forms and agreements, done-for-your client getting marketing material, and a proven system to close sales. Even if you already have a personal training studio and you just want a way to get more clients into your studio and proven systems to increase your income... Fitness Studio Formula is for you.

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System 9

System 9

Most of the trainers Bedros talks to are doing all the wrong things and ultimately wasting a bunch of money on dead end marketing. Life is so much better when you have a predictable marketing system that gets you all the clients you need and want...System 9 brings you nine of Bedros's most effective, proven and low cost fitness marketing tactics that are guaranteed to bring new clients to your door.

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Fit Body Boot Camp

The complete step-by-step blueprint and licensing program for fitness professionals who want a six figure generating boot camp and the trust and traffic of a nationally recognized brand.

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Close Clients Sales System

Close Clients DVD

How to close 9 out of 10 clients on big ticket, long term training programs. Close Clients is a bona-fide proven sales system for fitness professionals of all levels. It's not a marketing system that requires additional expenses. This system is developed to take your existing prospects and convert them into loyal paying clients. It completely takes the guess work out of selling.

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FitPro Newsletter - Automated Marketing

FitPro Newsletter

This hot new technology will automate your entire client attraction system. Want to get more publicity, stimulate referrals, generate additional revenue, and position yourself as the community fitness expert? Then this is your program! FitPro Newsletter will deliver up to five content rich personalized newsletters to your clients and prospects every month on your behalf. Best of all you do no work! The entire thing is on auto pilot. Watch the four minute video and see how this hot new technology will change the way you attract and retain clients!

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Six Figure Fitness Blueprint - Reach Six Figures in 60 Days

Six Figure Fitness Business Blueprint

This program is designed to do one thing... to put you on pace for $8,333/month - which is exactly what you need to make each month to hit the hundred thousand dollar a year mark. Systems, Operations, and Procedures which all serve as the FOUNDATION for building a six figure earning business. There's no fluff and no hype in this program.

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Online Info Blueprint - Creating, Marketing and Selling Fitness Info Products Online

Six Figure Fitness Business Blueprint

You’re about to discover how to take your fitness knowledge and turn it into an online info product that actually makes you money, even while you sleep…In this video series you’re going to learn everything you need to know to go from idea to actually selling your fitness info product online.

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0 To 100 Sales - Let us walk you through the online info product process, step by step in 8 weeks

Everyone’s dream is to start a business online where you can reach more clients and customers and work from anywhere. If you’re an expert, have a specialized knowledge or service and want to create an online program so that you can reach more clients as you generate passive income then you might be a good fit to work with us.

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If you want to get a taste of the insight Bedros has to offer, check out his blogs at ptpower.com and renegadefitnessmarketing.com!

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